Fitness Equipment
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Start your journey to a stronger you with a 2-week trial and then only $19.99/month

Get unlimited sign-ups for our live-streamed classes and workout library of over 300 videos for those mornings you just can’t get up, are traveling or simply prefer to work out later in the day.

Why Warrior Fitness NJ?
  • Workout anywhere, any time - at home or on the road

  • Classes 5:45am weekdays and 8:30am on weekends, including high-intensity interval training, Pilates and yoga bootcamp. Preview some classes here.

  • Workouts are always different and challenging regardless of your fitness level

  • Can't get up early? We post our live classes to the site immediately after the class is over, everyday

  • Our classes focus on the 4 main areas of exercise: Aerobic, strength, flexibility, and endurance

  • Free initial fitness consultation with Erin and Laura (co-owners and trainers)

  • Great complement to any existing fitness routine - Already belong to a gym or studio? No problems. At $19.99/month, adding our workouts will ensure you hit all 4 main areas of exercise